Beautiful And Spacious Home For Sale! Must View!

2013 SQFT 

✔Freehold, TOP since 2004, 118 units in total
✔Developer: Wing Tai
✔Built-in: 2013 sqft
✔Original 4 Bedroom + 3 Bathroom + 1 W/C
✔1 of the bedroom had been converted to walk-in wardrobe but can be reinstated easily
✔ Fully renovated in Feb 2020 at a cost of approx. $200k
✔ Main door South-East, bright and breezy
✔ Quarterly Maintenance: Approx. $2.5k
➡️ Within 1km to ACS (Junior) and St. Margaret’s Primary School
➡️ Within 2km to ACS (Barker Road), SJI, SCGS and River Valley Primary School
➡️ Less than 5 mins walk to Orchard Paragon, Takashimaya and Orchard Road shopping belt
➡️ Less than 7 minutes walk to Somerset and Newton MRT